Our Capabilities

Pioneer Precision Optics, Inc. 296c Nonotuck Street, Florence, MA 01062 | Phone: 413-341-3992 / Fax: 413-727-8560 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • capabilitiesPPO has 6 fully trained opticians, 1 optical helper/machinist apprentice, 1 optical inspector/assembler totaling over 175 years of optical manufacturing experience.
  • PPO is ITAR registered
  • Complete gage calibration by an independent ISO/ANSI certified calibration lab
  • 46 conventional polishing spindles plus 8 single spindle polishing/grinding spindles
  • 1 curve generator plus 1 tub grinding machine
  • 1 rounding machine, 2 LZ 80 centering machines and soon to add a new LOH C50 centering machine
  • 1 Optotech assembly station
  • 1 - 4” Zygo Mark Series interferometer with Metro Pro and Windows 2007 fitted with a 1.5 meter laser Zygo Interferometric radius rail.  Including f/0.75, f/1.5, f/3.0 transmission spheres plus 1 plano transmission flat
  • PPO manufactures spherical lenses ranging in sizes from 1mm to 100mm diameter. 
  • PPO has proven processes to routinely manufacture knife edge lenses and hemispherical dome lenses ranging in sizes from 3mm to 40mm diameter.
  • PPO works with all types of glass, Fused Silica and crystals including Silicon, Germanium, Zinc Selinide and Calcium Fluoride.  PPO successfully produces CaF2 with surface irregularity tolerances < 1/10 wave and surface quality to < 20/10 scratch/dig requirements.
  • Typical tolerances with glass are +/-0.05mm CT, +/-2 fringes radius and < 1/8 wave surface irregularity.  We routinely polish to < 1/10 wave and often to <1/20 wave.
  •  All of our polishing processes are done on pitch affording low surface irregularity and low surface roughness results
  • PPO has a complete machine shop on site allowing us to make all tooling and testplates in house
  • All work is done on work orders with a recorded manufacturing process and includes record of loss tracking for process improvement and lot traceability
  • Documentation routinely includes serialized inspection data for radius, irregularity, CT and SAGs.  Centering documentation includes all relevant centering data.  Surface interferograms can be provided upon request and will include radius and irregularity data.